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Portable Air Conditioners - Appliances from Kogan.com. Shop the hottest deals on portable air conditioners - appliances in Australia.All you need is a wall socket to immediately feel the cooling effects of this portable air conditioning unit.Portable air conditioners measure cooling capacity in British thermal units, known as BTUs.

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Walking into your glorious sunroom after July was once like walking into a sauna, but now with your portable air conditioner installed, it is your favorite room, regardless of the season. eBay offers a large inventory of portable cooling devices that allow you to adjust the temperature of any room.Bedrooms, offices, garages, and server rooms are often warmer than desired because of a lack of proper ventilation or poor air circulation.Find great deals on eBay for mini air conditioner and portable air conditioner.Portable air conditioners house the compressor and evaporation system in the same unit.

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Air conditioners work by pulling in hot air from the room, compressing it by using a refrigerant, and then blowing cool air back.

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Portable air conditioner vent kits and hoses allow you to set up your unit to vent through a ceiling, window, or sliding glass door, whichever is most convenient for you.Find great deals on eBay for portable air conditioner and portable air conditioner 14000 btu.

Probably The Quietest Portable Air Conditioner On the Market In 2017.Check out our list of the best portable air conditioners and find the features.Happily, there are an array of affordable, incredibly convenient and effective amazing portable air conditioners to choose from today that will fit the bill.Some portable air conditioners have one hot air exhaust hose, and some have two air hoses: one for air intake and one for hot air exhaust.

Beat the heat with these portable air conditioners that are good on energy and can be stored in the winter.Typically made from plastic, this is the piece of equipment that sits in your window sill and connects to your exhaust hose(s) of the AC unit.

We carry heat pumps, mini splits, thru the wall air conditioners, central unitary units, swamp coolers, portable units, heaters, Etc.Although the unit is required to vent to the outside, the venting application is more flexible - you can vent through a window, sliding door, wall or even a ceiling.

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Portable air conditioners are very versatile units that can be easily moved from room to room.

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The window vent kit will come with your portable air conditioner.Setup takes just a few minutes—open your window, insert the window slider, connect the drainage hose, plug it in, and let it run.

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