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Experienced naturalists will share with the story of our humpback whales and explain each of the whale actions you witness.Witness the majestic blue and grey whales migrate past the shores of Southern California while on a Whale Watching cruise departing daily from San Diego.

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Scheduled information for all trips are subject to weather conditions so please call for updated trip times.The practice of organized whale watching first began in the United States in 1950, when a national monument in San Diego was found to be a migration destination for gray whales.

San Diego is one of the best locations to watch whales year-round.

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California Whale Watching Cruises Whale watching cruises range from a two-hour jaunt out of a local harbor to multi-day cruises to Baja, Mexico.The local marine wildlife also includes porpoises, sea lions, seals, otters and bald eagles, as well as Humpback, Minke and Gray whales.

Our whale watching tours are a three-hour experience, where we have the opportunity to see the majestic Humpback and other whales, such as Fin, and Sperm, when in season.A whale watching cruise can also give you the amazing opportunity to see a blue whale in Long Beach.When you book a trip with us, prepare for the best whale watching in San Diego.With its sleek, modern design, the Majestic boasts three different levels separated by stairs, each offering an.

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Departing from Orange County in Southern California cruises serve Orange County whale watchers and Los Angeles whale watchers and whale watchers from throughout California.With several whale populations the world over considered to be in danger, Oahu is a beautiful spot to come for whale watching this location is an absolute magnet for a variety of whale populations worldwide.In winter, you can find them leaving from harbors and marinas along the entire California coast.

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The Zodiac inflatable vessel, owned by Brier Island Whale and Seabird Cruises, was carrying whale watchers off the Nova Scotia coast, when a 15-metre humpback whale approached the boat and started to dive.

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Instead, they have baleen — plates that filter out small fish from water.If you want to Whale Watch, do it from Dana Point with Dana Wharf, the industry pioneers.Island Quest Marine invites you to experience the Authentic Bay of Fundy Adventure.

Choose from 4 packages with delicious dinner and largest cast entertainment.

Blue whale watching in Long Beach is an incredibly breathtaking experience and an exciting must-see attraction for both tourists and Long Beach locals alike.

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There are so many ways to make your vacation meaningful, including appreciating the majesty of whales.

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Dana Wharf Whale Watching began in 1971 and was the first whale watching company in Orange County.Out we cruised with 50 intr. epid whale watchers and spent a while watching a pair of 15 minute stationary divers.

Duration approximately 3.5 hours. At this time of year majestic Humpback whales frequent the waters just off the coast of Eden, at times coming into Twofold Bay on their southern migration….Newport Landing Whale Watching offers whale watching cruises open to the general public viewing California Grey Whales, Blue Whales, all types of Dolphins, and more.We offer multiple cruises daily to the whale feeding grounds.

Schedule Join us aboard the newly built (2019) Dolphin XI as well as the Dolphin VIII, Dolphin IX and Dolphin X.Your chance to get close to this amazing marine mammal begins today aboard the 150-foot vessel Majestic.

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Whale watching cruises commence mid September and operate each morning until late November.